Optimal ambience

The WV3 series has been specially designed to illuminate the entire pool and create an optimal ambience. The WV3 series is also used to accentuate pools by the playful use of the right colours.

Low Cost of Ownership

Lower bottom line! Made of solid stainless steel, the WV3 series optimally protects all parts in the luminaire. Electronics and cables are also protected against external influences. This means that, in combination with low energy costs, long life and low level of maintenance, the Total Cost of Ownership is exceptionally low.

Ease of installation

Because of its universal mounting frame, the WV3 fits in nearly all flush-mounted boxes of its class. The WV3 series also features 'plug & play' and is equipped with safety features, so that the lighting can never be installed incorrectly.

Multifunctional applications

One lamp, multiple applications! The WV3 series is versatile and can be used for multiple applications, for example as decorative lighting. It is also a real underwater Power LED which can be used as functional pool lighting.

Environmentally friendly and robust

All WaterVision underwater luminaires are made of solid stainless steel. That not only makes them extremely robust and reliable, it also makes them suitable for recycling. In addition to cost savings, this also contributes significantly to environmental conservation.

Articlelist - 2020

Underwater pool light WV3

Technical specifications

Specification WV3  
Operating voltage 24V (DC) WV3 310 x 310
Output 8 and 17 Watt  
Light output Typically up to 160 lm/W
Lighting colours Warm White, Cool White, Aqua Blue
Material Solid stainless steel
Waterproofing IP68
Lamp dimensions Ø56mm x 14 mm
Mounting frame dimensions Ø130 mm x 2 mm
Dimmable Optional
Country of origin The Netherlands