“The WV15 ColorWave series adds colour to your swimming pool”

De WV15 ColorWave underwater floodlight

The WV15 ColorWave LED underwater floodlights are used to add spectacular atmosphere to swimming pools and provide swimmers with a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. The lighting creates just the right atmosphere for any activity by providing a fixed colour or changing colours - lighting that quickly changes to a beat or a slow continuous colour sequence - creating a feeling of excitement or a peaceful mood. Anything is possible with the WaterVision colour changers. Instantly give your pool a new look, adapting it to the target group, activity, theme, time of day or time of year............

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Sustainable savings

The timeless and characteristic design of the WV15 fittings has remained unchanged and unrivalled since 2004. Replacing and upgrading the lamps is easy - all LED engines up to 200 watts fit in the same housing. Not only does this save time but it also saves considerably on costs. In addition, the fitting is indestructible and can be reused, making a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

Quickly pays for itself

The investment is usually earned back within two years when moving from halogen lighting to the WV15 ColorWave ACC series. A 60 Watt LED lamp is normally used to replace a 300 Watt halogen lamp, saving 80% in energy costs. Thanks to their longer lifespan, you also save on installation and replacement costs. If you would you like to know how much you can save, contact us and we will make a calculation based on your situation.

Vivid colours with the ACC®

With Autonomous Color Control® (ACC), WaterVision offers a powerful new light engine that can illuminate swimming pool water in virtually any colour of the rainbow. To achieve this, intermediate colours such as amber and orange are used in addition to the RGB (red, green, blue) colours. The intermediate colours are automatically controlled with the x channel. The white LEDs (W) can also be controlled autonomously using the lamp. In this case, we refer to RGBxw. One variant is the RGBxW control, with which the white channel can also be controlled centrally by the user.

Maximum output

ACC uses the colour lamp's maximum output. For example, when white light needs to be created, all the LEDs that contribute to the white light are used and not only the W channel. This automatically means that white light is created on two channels leading to extraordinary results.

The ‘x’ in the RGBxW® is independently responsible for enhancing ideal lighting effects and for improving the colour display underwater. This enhances the colours and even makes it possible to create the 'impossible red'.

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"Thanks to the special arrangement of the LEDs in the LED engine, ColorWave underwater floodlights are able to produce the colour called 'impossible red" Frans Breeuwer, de Duikerdel, Noord Scharwoude

A peaceful experience with continuous colour sequences

The RGBxW ColorWave series 2019 with ACC contains light scenes that seamlessly change colour (without people noticing). By this, we mean that the change in colour is so subtle and brief that it is almost imperceivable. Over a longer period of time, the colour change becomes noticeable in comparison with to the previous colour that people remember. This continuous gradual colour change creates an exceptionally peaceful ambiance.

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The lighting control

WaterVision WV15 ColorWave underwater floodlights are controlled using a DMX controller, which can be operated via a control panel; the WaterVision ColorComposer. The modern ColorComposers are available in three versions, which are supplied ready-made by WaterVision and fully pre-programmed to your requirements.

Colour change programmes’s

WaterVision supplies standard colour change programmes, in which the intensity of the lighting effect is constant, optimising the view of the swimmers during the change. This prevents supervisors from becoming tired too quickly. Would you prefer a different type of colour change? That's no problem - anything is possible.

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The ColorWave colours

The WV15 ColorWave LED underwater floodlights are available in a variety of wattages. We can also create any fixed colour you wish. Nothing is impossible.

The Packages

Underwater pool light WV15 ColorWave package

Ready to order? It’s easy:

When ordering the WV15 ColorWave lamps, you have the following choices:

  • Water type: chlorinated water or salt water/seawater
  • Optics: Frosted or clear
  • Housing: Extra flat or standard
  • Cable length: 10 metres as standard. Can be increased in increments of 5 metres

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 Underwater pool light WV15 ColorWave

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Dimensions WV15 extra flat

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Easy to install

The WV15 ColorWave underwater floodlights can be installed quickly and easily and have the following properties:

  • Fits virtually any commonly used box.
  • Can be flush-mounted to the wall.
  • Can be mounted with or without a flush-mounting box.
  • Can be mounted on the bottom and walls of the swimming pool.
  • All parts to be connected have clamp connectors for quick mounting
  • Fully protected against installation errors, such as short circuits, accidentally swapping the positive and negative poles, damaging the cable, etc.
  • All lamps have the driver inside the housing and are fully protected against faulty connection with the control and voltage converters.
  • No active components around the perimeter of the swimming pool. All active components are installed in the electronics area(s).
  • Colour control using the 0..10V cabling and power supply. Plus and minus are connected in parallel. Any possible twisting will not cause fatal injury and can be detected by built-in monitoring programmes.  
  • The combined power supply and control cable is highly protected against electromagnetic disturbances and external interference.
  • The DMX controller has built-in control programmes to test the operation of the lighting. For example, if all RGBW LEDs run individually for 10 seconds, everything is properly installed.
  • Control programme on ColorComposer

Wall mounting