Swimming pool de Waardergolf in Heerhugowaard has been a good and loyal customer of WaterVision for years. Recently, WaterVision was able to provide the recreational and instruction pool with beautiful new color-changing underwater lights. "Given the long and good relationship with WaterVision in combination with the quality of the products, it was a logical choice to have WaterVision also to deliver and install these lights," says Rick Volkers Head of management and maintenance of Heerhugowaard Sport.

Fantastic and evenly lit

“We used to have fixed colors in our target group and recreational area, but we have now replaced that with continuously changing color lights. The possibilities are endless and the light is fantastic," says Mr Volkers. “What is striking is that these lights, compared to the old halogen lights, radiate much wider and further, making the bath very well and evenly lit. In addition, the smooth color changes are also much finer than the hard white we previously had in the recreational area," Volkers continues.

Excellent substitutes

A selection of the old WaterVision LED underwater lights from the recreational pool have been moved to the competition pool and now serve as excellent replacements for the somewhat older ones. "In the long run these lights will also have to be replaced, but for now they still work very well despite their age," says Mr. Volkers

The right atmosphere for everyone

All above and underwater lighting is controlled centrally from the lifeguard post and may, after a brief instruction from the technical service, be operated by anyone who has service. The target group of the Waardergolf swimming pool is so wide (from 0 to 100 years old) and the nature of the lessons so diverse that every situation can use its own atmosphere. "And that is now possible!" Says Mr Volkers enthusiastically. “The new control panel works so easily that it can be operated by anyone and there is an optimal color scheme for every application.” For example, there is disco swimming every Friday, where the colors alternate faster and more vividly than when swimming lessons take place.

310x310 Waardergolf 1  310x310 Waardergolf 2  310x310 Waardergolf 3

Harmonious interplay

The recently supplied lights consist of 11 pieces of WV15 RGBxW underwater lights of 60 Watt for the target group and recreational pool and 5 pieces of CrystalColor7 above water LED spots that illuminate the hall to the canteen. “In the meantime, all above water and underwater lighting has been supplied and assembled by WaterVision, resulting in a harmonious interplay and coordination of light. The result is amazing and the atmosphere is optimal," says Volkers.

960x360 Waardergolf 2

About Heerhugowaard – Sport

Heerhugowaard Sport NV was established on 1 January 2016. This is a semi-municipal organization that replaces the Stichting Binnensportaccommodaties Heerhugowaard. The aim of the new organization is to operate and manage municipal sports facilities and to perform and facilitate activities in the field of sport and exercise. Heerhugowaard Sport NV currently employs more than 70 people.