Sporty enjoyment

What could be nicer than relaxing after an intensive exercise in the gym or swimming in the swimming pool of My HealthClub in Heerhugowaard. Certainly now that the new underwater lighting has been installed. The old pool lights have been replaced by 5x WV15 Cool White underwater floodlights from the Kelvin series that are mounted one on one on the existing recessed housings. The lights have a capacity of 40 watts and provide excellent lighting for the pool.

“The swimming pool is beautifully lit and we also receive compliments from our visitors. We are very satisfied with the new lighting!”
Ramon Braun, Facility Manager My HealthClub

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About My HealthClub

My HealthClub Heerhugowaard is part of the leading organization My HealthClub and is active in the health and fitness industry. Club members and any guests are inspired to develop a healthier lifestyle. Commitment, integrity, respect and loyalty are the hallmarks of My HealthClub.