Take advantage of the latest technology and upgrade your WV15 LED floodlights

Have you been using the WV15 LED underwater floodlights for many years?

We are now offering you the opportunity to upgrade your existing WV15 luminaires to the most recent version. Our clients who years ago took the first step towards a sustainable LED solution can now easily profit from the advantages which the newest generation offers.

More light per Watt underwater...

The WV15 LED underwater floodlights have been supplied in the Netherlands since 2005. Technological developments in the field of LED have been occurring rapidly for years; the WaterVision development team is continuously optimising the LED floodlights. For example, the current generation of WV15 lights provides considerably higher light levels than previously available and their electricity use has continued to decline. In short: More light per Watt underwater!

This upgrade replaces the entire LED module of the existing WV15 luminaire.

The benefits of upgrading:

  • Latest generation LEDs  
  • Switching to a different light colour is possible
  • Switching to a different lamp power is possible

Are you considering an upgrade?

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Please contact us via the contact form or call us at +31 (0)35-538 7959.
We are happy to help you.