The motor of the light installation

The LED drivers of the WaterVision LED underwater lighting are the motor of your installation. Good, reliable control electronics is essential to be able to benefit from the advantages of LED lighting. WaterVision pays a great deal of attention to these essential components and guarantees you the highest possible quality. We have a wide range of  LED drivers with various output levels.

Safety in humid environments

Naturally, personal and electric safety always comes first at WaterVision. It goes without saying that all LED drivers satisfy the applicable safety requirements such as temperature, overload and reverse safeties, among others. This allows the guaranteed problem-free enjoyment of light while being sure you are satisfying the legally required safety requirements.

Which LED driver do you need?

To determine which LED driver is most suitable for your lighting installation, we look not only at the required output but also at the existing or desired infrastructure, any dimming functionalities and which type of LED luminaire is used.

Easily dimmable

The dimmable drivers from WaterVision are always dimmed via a standard 1-10V signal so that these can be easily combined with standard dimming solutions.

led-driver 100W 310x262led driver in cabinet 80W 310x310led driver 320W 310x262