The ultimate underwater light behind window. “Seeing is believing!”

Why they need to be seen to be believed

With its NanoPower® series, WaterVision optmises the lighting effect in the water. This is in contrast to the WaterVision Kelvin® series, which is optimised for the best lumen/watt ratio, as is usual with underwater lighting. But does more light really lead to better visibility?

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With NanoPower, WaterVision strives to optimise the lighting effect in water to offer:

  • Safety: a higher contrast between swimmers and their surroundings leads to better visibility of the swimmer, especially in the peripheral vision.
  • Light efficiency: by (a) minimising light attenuation in the water and (b) keeping the light in the water for as long as possible, the lighting effect is significantly improved.
  • Good distribution of the light: with a minimum of lamps it is still possible to clearly light all corners of the swimming pool.
  • Pleasant light: (a) minimal glare in and above water and (b) light composition that makes people feel comfortable.
  • Total lighting effect in all facets: roughly 90% of pools can be divided into three categories: stainless steel pools, pools tiled with hard-glazed tiles and outdoor natural pools. WaterVision offers optimised floodlights for each category.

Lumen values are therefore not representative of the optimal light effect in the water. That’s why we say: “Seeing is believing”. We would also be happy to put you in touch with one of our many satisfied NanoPower users, so that they can share their experiences with you.

The lighting colours

The WV17 & WV19 NanoPower lamps are available in two natural water colours: Mediterranean Blue and Bright White. These light colours add different effects and atmospheric experiences. Every indoor or outdoor pool can usually be (invisibly) matched with an optimal colour and experience. Below, you can find advice on which colour best matches which situation:

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Where is NanoPower used?

NanoPower comes into its own when light has to pass through water over longer distances (>7m). This is generally in pools larger than 100m2. With NanoPower, the opposite pool wall is lit, as a rule. Typically, when the two lamps shine opposite each other, the middle of the pool is lit most intensely. For example, a pool of 25 by 21 metres can be fully illuminated using only six 80 Watt lamps (see illustration below).

Durable and robust

The WV17 & WV19 behind window underwater floodlights are Dutch quality products. The WV17 is normally used to replace the 150W and 250W metal halide lamp and the WV19 usually replaces the 400W metal halide lamp. Thanks to substantial energy cost savings, the lamps pay for themselves within a very short time.

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Parts list WV17 - 2020

Underwater pool light behind window WV17

Parts list WV19 - 2020

Underwater pool light behind window WV19

Easy to install

The WV17 & WV19 behind glass underwater floodlights can be installed quickly and easily. However, please note the following important points:

  • Always keep the logo on the bottom when positioning the lamp.
  • Use the strips supplied to position the lamp in the centre of the glass window using the size chart at the bottom of the page. These sizes apply to the WV19. The WV17 does not usually need a strip.
  • Always position the fitting as far as possible against the glass window. This provides good air circulation around the fitting and ensures proper light distribution.


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specifications WV17 & WV19
Operating voltage WV17: 24V (DC)
WV19: 24V (DC) and 220V (DC)
 wv1719 Onderwaterverlichting achter venster
Output WV17: 80W, 120W
WV19: 160W, 240W
Light output NanoPower® principle
Lighting colours Bright White, Mediterranean Blue and RGBxW
Material Aluminium houding and acrylate light window
Cooling Forced aircooling
Dimensions WV17: 170 x 170 x 120 mm
WV19: 170 x 170 x 255 mm
Dimmable Optional
Country of origin Netherlands