DMX demultiplexer

By using the WaterVision demultiplexer, you can control the colour switchers in the CrystalColor series and the WaterVision LED underwater floodlights. A demultiplexer ensures that the digital DMX signal from a control device – called a ColorComposer (DMX controller) – is converted to an analogue 1-10V signal for each colour. Through the analogue signal emitted, you can individually dim the colours continuously and therefore mix colours.

The demultiplexer is an essential part of a colour-changing lighting installation. A demultiplexer has 4 analogue ports and can provide the right control signal to a maximum of 100 RGB or RGBW luminaires.

The WaterVision DMX demultiplexers feature:

  • Very simple addressing
  • Multiple zones (e.g., different lanes) each have a separate, individual control
  • Various built-in test and diagnosis functions
  • Demultiplexers are supplied as a complete unit in an IP66-compliant installation housing, including wiring connections for a simple installation.