Extremely small

The CrystalColor series of LED fixtures are one of the smallest in relation to the extremely high light output. The fixture consists of a solid hard anodized aluminum cooling frame where the LEDs and the electronics of the driver are integrated and hermetically sealed.

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Resistant to aggressive chlorine vapour

The fixture is ideally suited for use in extremely aggressive environments. This product feature has made the fixture extremely popular with water parks, swimming pools and saunas. Since the fixture is resistant to aggressive chlorine vapour, salty seawater vapour, and moisture and has a high-impact resistance. And all this for the price of an ‘ordinary’ fixture.

Cost efficient standard solutions

WaterVision has developed a special range of light engines and optics for aqua parks, swimming pools and saunas. This series is aimed at providing cost-effective “standard” solutions for basic and atmospheric lighting. With this, WaterVision meets the desire to constantly create a new atmosphere and experience that matches the activity. For example: competitive swimming, leisurely activities, aqua jogging, midnight swimming, disco, relaxation, positive vibes, workout, morning wake, etc..

Circular economy - the purest contribution with minimal energy loss

The casings of the CrystalColor fixtures are made of solid aluminum and do not wear out. The LED modules are subject to wear and tear. At the end of its life, WaterVision can take back the fixtures and provide them with new light engines. All fixtures are disassembled and completely cleaned. After this, almost all fixtures look like new. In addition to being good value, this also contributes substantially to the circular economy in the purest and most efficient form.

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The CrystalColor colours

The most common LED engines are included in the product overview. The LED engines are made in such a way that the skin colour of visitors always looks good and healthy. The fixed colours red, orange, amber, yellow, green, cyan, blue, royal blue and violet are also available. These colours are directly generated from the LED crystals.

For the lighting designer

With the CrystalColor series lighting designers have the unique possibility to determine for each fixture which colours of LEDs.


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“Your water park, sauna or swimming pool can get a completely different look from one moment to the next and can be adapted to the target group, the activity, the theme, the time of day, the time of the year ........... “

The light control

The WaterVision CrystalColor spots are controlled with a DMX controller that can be operated by using a control panel; the WaterVision ColorComposer. The modern ColorComposers are available in three versions, supplied by WaterVision ready-made and fully pre-programmed to your needs.

Colour change programmes

WaterVision supplies standard colour change programmes, in which the intensity of the lighting effect is constant, optimising the view of the swimmers during the change. This prevents supervisors from becoming tired too quickly. Would you prefer a different type of colour change? No problem, anything is possible.

Ready to order? This is very easy:

We have made the following item lists for the CrystalColor series LED lamps. When ordering you must make the following choices:

  • Item number
  • Beam angle: 12º, 30º, 50º, 80º, 160º
  • Cable length: 2 metres is standard. Longer is possible in lengths of 5 metres

CrystalColor Led Spots 2020

LEDs and lenses in the fixture

The CrytalColor7 has room for 4-6 lenses or reflectors of 20 mm. The CrytalColor5 has room for 12-18 lenses or reflectors of 20 mm. Both fixtures can be integrated with diffusers, optical films or windows. The basic range of beam angles can be found here.

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The CrystalColor lights are also available in fixed frames with integrated drivers. Can be connected directly to the mains. Below you will find the item lists:

Maxilux CrystalColor 2020


  • The indicated lumen values are the maximum values of the LED engine (including primary lens) without losses due to secondary optics and voltage converters, which must be calculated and taken into account. The wattages can differ by 10% from the specified values.
  • The measured lumen values of certain colors may be lower in practice than those perceived by the viewer. This is because lumen meters do not measure the complete light spectrum, but are restricted to measuring a number of color ranges. The lumen value is calculated using interpolation.





Technical specifications CC5 & CC7

 Crystalcolor verzamel

Operating voltage 24V (DC)
LED-driver Integrated into the lamp housing
Output CrystalColor 5: 48 Watt
CrystalColor 7: 17 Watt
Application Swimming pools, saunas, waterparks, fountains, bridges, facades, aerospace, cars, vehicles, cranes, locks, horticulture, agriculture and industrial applications.
Dimmable Optional 
Material Solid aluminium with impactresistant polycarbonate light window (8 mm)
Protection class IP68
Dimensions  CC 5: 151mm x 94mm x 58mm
CC 7: 90mm x 55mm x 55mm
Optics 12°, 30°, 50°, 80°, 160°, elliptisch 50°x12°
Installation - Mounting bracket (standard),
- Ceiling frame for flush mounting
- Footplate
Country of origin The Netherlands













Installation diagrams

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