This is NanoPower®

NanoPower® is an exclusive registered trademark of WaterVision and is the ultimate in LED technology. NanoPower strives for the highest possible light / energy efficiency. In addition, we strive for an optimized light image that results in a better visibility of the swimmers. After all, safety in the water is extremely important. In practice, larger pools with substantially fewer lamps can be illuminated. This extra saving is highly appreciated by our customers.

Optimized light image with NanoPower®

Safety in swimming pools is of the utmost importance and an accident can happen easily. Good underwater lighting is essential and makes the life of a lifeguard a lot easier. NanoPower® takes it even further by striving for a higher contrast of underwater swimmers, the pool wall and bottom. The Mediterranean Blue color shows this effect best.

"Even in the deepest part of the pool swimmers can be seen very easily and above expectation.”

Pieter Bax, Teammanager Sports department of the Municipality Tilburg

960x360 Wat is NanoPower

A 20 Watt NanoPower® underwater pool light can easily replace a 300 Watt PAR pool light. Not only is that better for the environment, but it saves more than 93% of energy(costs). (300 watt - 20 watt)/(300 watt)=93,3% savings! As a rule, an entire swimming pool with half the usual number of pool lights can be illuminated with 60 Watt NanoPower® underwater lights.

“I am amazed by the result. I never thought we could illuminate the entire swimming pool with just 8 pool lights, but WaterVision convinced us.”
Jeroen Freriksen, Techical Manager Swimming pool 'het Ravijn'

It is difficult to quantify how much better the light characteristics of the NanoPower® underwater pool lights, but it is easy to represent them qualitatively using the graph below.

600 x 233 Light characteristics EN

The NanoPower® colours

The NanoPowe®-pool lights are avaiable in three colours: Mediterranean Blue, Bright White en Spring White. These relatively white colors provide different effects and different atmospheric experiences. Below you will find advice on which color best suits which type of swimming pool:

960x203 Lightadvice

It is striking that the "Spring White" is ideally suited for outdoor swimming pools. This is because the composition of the light is optimized for outdoor use in the evening. The color of the environment is also taken into account. Can you also use this color indoors? The answer to this is: “Yes”, however there are some risks associated with this due to possible side effects.

The NanoPower®-effect

NanoPower® works best over longer distances. As a rule, over distances greater than 7 meters. As a rule of thumb, this applies to swimming pools larger than 100m2. Characteristic to the NanoPower® effect is that when two pool lights shine opposite to each other, the center of the pook is most intensely illuminated. This is because the pool lights illuminate the other side. The photo below illustrates the NanoPower® effect.

960x360 Wat is NanoPower2

The video below shows the NanoPower® effect. An underwater pool light is taken out of the water so that it shines over the water and then the lamp is put in the water again. The result is amazing. Be the judge!