Because of considerable success in the international market, we are introducing the WaterVision Portable Lightset. Sometimes the path to market is unusual: The set was originally developed to be able to demonstrate WaterVision's lighting on location, but various swimming pools had the need to use the Lightset temporarily or even on a semi-permanent basis. For parties with atmosphere or where built-in lighting is not available.


Lightset newsletterComplete light within a half hour

The Portable Lightset from WaterVision is a complete set which consists of four ColorWave floodlights on universal suspension frames, including a driver and ColorComposer Mini operating panel. The set is Plug & Play: you will have a beautiful colour experience in your pool in no time.


Can be used anywhere

The Portable Lightset can be used in indoor and outdoor pools, during mood or theme parties, with aqua fitness or for semi-permanent use on pool walls where no built-in lighting is present. To achieve the greatest possible light output with as few lamps as possible, the set has been produced with the powerful 80W ColorWave floodlights. This makes the set suitable to illuminate a competition pool of 25 x 16 metres. The lamps are installed as flat as possible: the total thickness from the pool wall is only 43 mm. Through the ColorComposer operating panel, the Portable Lightset can have the pool water take on any colour of the rainbow. In addition to the ColorWave set, versions with Mediterranean Blue or Bright White floodlights are also available.