Modernisation in Amsterdam! After almost nine years of problem-free service, the underwater lamps in two Amsterdam pools have been updated. The Zuiderbad pool enjoys a rich history. The building stems from 1897 and has been used as a swimming pool since 1912. In 1970, the pool had almost a half million swimmers. At that time, the pool had competition from more modern pools, including the De Mirandabad in Amsterdam-South.


De MirandabadIn 2007, the De Mirandabad decided to replace their inefficient halogen lighting with LED lighting from WaterVision. 'An enormous energy savings has been achieved with the replacement of 300W halogen lamps by 30W NanoPower LED lamps – approximately 90%', says facility manager Herman van Eykelenburg. Nevertheless, the De Mirandabad remained the most energy-intensive building in the municipality of Amsterdam. In fitting with the government's ambitions for sustainability and energy reduction, it was decided in 2013 to thoroughly renovate the pool and replace its now 30-year-old technical installation. What is striking is that the LED lighting from WaterVision which was installed five years earlier (in January 2008) did not require replacement during this renovation and savings process.

De MirandabadThe underwater lighting in the competition pool of the De Mirandabad has only now been replaced, after almost nine years of problem-free service. The pool benefits now from the improved lighting characteristics which the WaterVision 2017 series offers. As Abdel Aknin, manager of the De Mirandabad, relates: 'Because of the quantity of light coming through the glass dome during the day, I was initially not aware of the effect. But you only see what you are missing when you switch off the light. As a result of the renewed NanoPower underwater lighting in the 25-metre competition pool, the visibility of the swimmers in the water is obviously improved, and therefore also the safety. Moreover, I hear from the lifeguards that they have a better view of swimmers in the entire pool and they experience less fatigue while supervising.'.

The underwater floodlights have been replaced in the Zuiderbad pool, as well. Coordinating with the wishes of the responsible team, we gave a demonstration in the pool of the effect provided by the Mediterranean Blue floodlight from the NanoPower 2017 series, versus the industry standard – the 6000K lamp from the Kelvin 2017 series. Technical staff Alex Blok reports: 'Again, the choice of the Mediterranean Blue NanoPower lamps was unanimous, because they performed convincingly better. That was true not only for the underwater effects but also for the coordination with the ambiance of the above-water lighting.'.


The Sunset above-water lighting in the Zuiderbad pool, dating from 2009, was still functioning to everyone's satisfaction. The same was true for the above-water lighting near the 25-metre competition pool and the underwater lighting behind glass in the recreational/wave pool of the De Mirandabad: that lighting, as well, was not ready to be replaced. 'These lamps shine practically the entire year, every day, from 7.30 in the morning to 22.30 at night', says Abdel Aknin. These statements underscore the commitment of WaterVision to the sustainability and the continuous improvement of the efficiency of its products. However different the Zuiderbad and the De Mirandabad pools are: with the right choice of underwater and above-water lighting, ambiance can be created which shows the characteristics of the various buildings to their full effect.