Coloured LED light provides desired atmosphere

In the world of saunas and wellness, experience and relaxation play a crucial role. It's no surprise then that coloured LED lighting is popular in this sector. Coloured light not only enables us to create a certain atmosphere but it also influences a person's state of mind.

In recent years, much research has been conducted on the exact influence of specific colours on humans. LED light is particularly suited for creating atmosphere and influencing emotions. This is mainly a result of the versatile application possibilities and the ease with which lighting colours can be adjusted. 

Typical requirements for LED sauna lighting

High demands are made on the LED luminaires used in sauna environments. For example, the LED luminaires must be suitable for use in humid areas, so they must be 100% airtight and waterproof. The luminaires must also fare well at higher temperatures.

Associated colour programme and colour therapy

We have plenty of experience in the sauna sector. We work closely with customers to realise new applications and products. A nice example of this is a special colour changing system for "pouring" (opgiet in Dutch) saunas, where several coordinating colour programmes can be activated when conducting a pouring session with various scents. Optionally, this colour changing system can be used for an optimised lighting scene in a sauna featuring colour therapy.

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