LED pool lighting offers more than just a lower energy bill

Besides saving energy, LED pool lighting offers swimming pools the ability to enjoy the typical benefits which LED underwater lighting offers in general. These benefits include the long lifespan of LEDs and flexible application possibilities, such as the use of colour and colour changes.

LED pool lighting is the modern and durable choice for swimming pools with a sustainable vision for the future, according to J. de Boer, Director of WaterVision

Benefits of LED lighting:

  • Pleasant swimming experience
  • Safety
  • Sustainable, future-ready light solution 

Which type of LED pool lighting do you need?

The following factors play a role in the choice of LED underwater lighting:

  • Size and depth of the pool
  • Material and colour of the pool (stainless steel, tiles or film)
  • Desired lighting effect (lighting colour and strength)
  • Use of colour in immediate surroundings (walls, ceiling)
  • Users profile

Each swimming pool is unique. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities in your specific situation. Feel free to call us or contact us using the contact form below.