The LED light follows the sprays of water

When lighting fountains, it is paramount that the light is able to fully follow the sprays of water. This is possible with our CrystalColor fountain lighting. Because of the flexible configuration options, the light bundle can assume any colour and proper lighting angle.

Precision optics ensure desired lighting angle

At the heart of the CrystalColor LED fountain lighting is the Multimirror optic, which accurately directs the light with high precision and minimal loss. The CrystalColor is available with an optic of 12, 30, 50, 80 or 160 degrees or with an elliptical optic of 50x12 degrees. These optics influence the lighting angle of the light bundle. For example, a water spray can be very precisely lit with a lighting angle of 12 degrees.

Breskens fountain lighting 310x310St Janssingel, Arnhem fountain 310x310Fountain 310x310