Coloured LED pool lighting adds atmosphere

Many swimming pools these days want to increase their appeal by creating a colourful swimming ambiance. With the aid of coloured LED pool lighting, a swimming complex can undergo a complete metamorphosis. The final result is often stunning. The visitors are enthusiastic and will surely want to return.

The colourful effects are achieved by making use of special LED luminaires. These are especially suitable for:

  • platform lighting
  • lighting of ceilings and walls
  • shower area lighting
  • illumination of playground features and slides
  • illumination of palm trees and plants
  • illumination of rock formations

WaterVision supplies a complete series of CrystalColor LED luminaires which are optimised for use in swimming pools.

Pre-programmed lighting scenes operated remotely

By making use of pre-programmed lighting scenes, different atmospheres and lighting colours are activated automatically and separately in each pool. The control works by means of a DMX controller and can  be operated using a handy operating panel (the so-called ColorComposer) or a smartphone app.

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