Architecture deserves to be seen and for that, light is needed. 

Where once there was only a limited number of available lighting solutions, the extensive configuration options of the CrystalColor series of LED luminaires offer the ability to coordinate light in each specific situation. In this way, you are able to optimally light every object or building and to enjoy the extensive and flexible possibilities which LED luminaires offer.

Illuminating buildings, tunnels, engineering structures and bridges

LED luminaires which are used for illuminating architectural objects such as buildings, tunnels, bridges and engineering structures, must be especially robust, solid, waterproof (IP68-certified) and airtight so that they can be used under extreme conditions. Moreover, their compact dimensions ensure that the LED luminaires are scarcely visible and can be installed in the most difficult-to-reach locations. 

Flexible configuration options

The flexible configuration options of our LED luminaires enable us to create any permanent colour desired in order to give your project that little bit of extra attention. If we consider the possibilities offered by the RGBW colour changers, it goes without saying that the CrystalColor LED luminaires offer unlimited creative possibilities. If you want to illuminate unique landmarks, you have come to the right place.

Illuminated bridge 310x310kampen bell tower 310x310agora theatre lighting led 310x310