How do you choose the right LED lighting for above a swimming pool?

LED lighting offers new possibilities for the functional lighting in and around swimming pools. Where conventional light sources were once required to light an indoor swimming pool, powerful LED luminaires now give excellent results. The use of energy-efficient LED lighting contributes to the sustainability which plays an increasingly important role within the swimming pool sector. 

WaterVision's vision for general LED above-water pool lighting

WaterVision recommends that the LED luminaires are installed above the pool 'frame', at the border between the water and the platform. The heads of swimmers will be lighted from the side instead of 'flat' lighting from above, in the line of sight of the supervisory staff. In this way, the light has a considerably larger reflecting surface, so that the swimmers are more visible. An additional advantage is that the LED luminaires are easily accessible for installation and maintenance. Moreover, swimmers who swim on their back will not be bothered by blinding lights from above.

The light bundle can be controlled in a targeted manner by making use of optics. The light shines only where it is needed. In this way, optimal use is made of sustainable and multifunctional LED light technology.

Factors which contribute to the choice of the right LED pool lighting

  • Dimensions of the surface to be lit
  • Required light values from competitive swimming organisations such as KNZB, FINA, NOC-NSF
  • Royal Dutch Swimming Federation KNZB pool classification (A, B, C, D or E)
  • Desired lighting colour and ambiance
  • Material of the surface to be lit


      Pool classification

Quantity of lux proscribed

on the water


Int'l competitions and events of


600 lux
B KNZB national competitions 300 lux
C Regional competitions of local clubs 300 lux
D Local competitions (guideline) 150-200 lux
E European & World Championships and Olympic competitions 1,500 lux


CrystalColor LED luminaires

For general lighting and object lighting in indoor swimming pools, WaterVision uses the models from the CrystalColor series of LED luminaires. These LED luminaires are known for their high  quality. This is evident by their strong illumination, robust housing and sustainability. The CrystalColor LED luminaires have been specially designed for use in swimming pools, are resistant to chlorine vapour, and are airtight and waterproof (IP68-certified).

Safe installation systems

The materials used and the installation systems of the CrystalColor series of LED luminaries satisfy the requirements set in the "Practical guideline for inspection and maintenance of (suspended) constructions, means of attachment and facilities in indoor swimming pools (2004)" from the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), the National Coordination Centre (NCC), and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

WaterVision can develop a lighting calculation for any project in order to draw up a suitable proposal for an illumination plan.